Urban Sonic Networking

Urban Acoustic Design

AA AI Visiting School(s)

Photo by Laurent Dejente

AA Istanbul Visiting Director: Elif Erdine
AA Athens Visiting Director: Alexandros Kallegias
The AA Istanbul Visiting School is a collaborative link between the Architectural Association School and the Istanbul Technical University. This spring, will be the second year running for this school where they continue to explore the topic ‘Connected Tower’. The hypothesis of this topic is that if the standard modern tower is to be decomposed and reconstructed as a biological system, it will be liberated from the empirical constraints.

A sister school will also begin this year that will cooperate and challenge the AA Istanbul Visiting School, AA Athens Visiting School, which is collaborative relationship between the Architectural Association School and the National Technical University of Athens. In contrast with ‘Connected tower’, the AA Athens School theme ‘Cipher City’, takes on crafting space horizontally. The hypothesis of this school is to hewn unique kinetic experiential models derived from the horizontal dynamic informational pathways.

Both schools together as part of the AA visiting school will collaborate under the AI umbrella, where one will be the continuation of the other. The opposing dimensions verticality versus horizontality is linked through a common platform.

Participants are encouraged to join both workshops in order to experience the transition between the two architectural limits.

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